One done and One to go

Commissions, Commissions!

I've recently finished working on a small commission for a private client who wanted me to draw for her daughter Linda - the most adorable and content baby ever! I drew the artwork on A4 paper and then got it printed on high quality archival canvas in size 50 x 50 cm which is being stretched as we speak. Both client and the baby are happy :)

Once 'Linda' was done, I immediately started working on another commission, this time for a family of four. This is going to be a surprise for the husband, so psst!

Working on now..

It was last Saturday (11th June 2015) that I woke up with an itch. I knew instantly what it meant. Next thing I found myself at Cass Art stocking up on my art supplies and before I knew it, I was repainting my three old canvases - each 1mx1m. I didn't want to throw them away, they each had been half finished and I thought that one day I'll just come back to them. And I did, although now I am a different person/artist that I was two, three years ago, so I had to start from scratch. All three canvases ready, I have started working on the first two. It's going to be a dual artwork and I can't stop thinking about it. I need to finish it before it's too late! Or at least till there's still that itch... :)

Stamping my ground #m #g

Check out my Instagram page michaela_goga to see more images of the work on old canvases. 

It's exhibition time!

I did it! I was in real gallery! I can't describe how excited and grateful and over the moon I felt! It's been an incredible experience and the feedback was overwhelming! Thank you all who made it to The Muse Gallery in Notting Hill between 4th - 14th June 2015. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

At the same time, I had a poster exhibited on the London Underground at Oxford Circus, Central Line Eastbound platform.

  Hard to hide the excitement.

  Hard to hide the excitement.

The artwork is now on sale, check out The Heart Graveyard Series.

First REAL exhibition

I'm over the moon to be taking part in The Art Below Summer Show 2015 taking place at The Muse Gallery in Notting Hill between 4th – 14th June 2015 with private view being held on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015. I will be exhibiting my Heart Graveyard Series and one of the drawings (total of 14) will be also exhibited as a poster on the London Underground, at the Oxford Circus tube station on the Central Line Eastbound platform. Did I say excited?!? I can't stop jumping from joy!!! :)

First commission

Last year in February I got commissioned to draw a plant. It was for young family who I knew personally so I wanted to make sure I got it right. But it just wasn't hitting me. It took me about 7 more months to realize what I wanted to draw. I didn't want to draw just a plant in a pot, I wanted it to be something personal. After little research I found out that hyacinth represents family values - security, love and support which is what I wanted people to see in my drawing. It took me a year to finish it but it was all worth it because my client loved it.