Are you the next Celeste?

Taking inspiration from my recent painting 'You Couldn't Decide If You Wanted To Drink To Love With Me' of the recent 'Portugal Love Series' (work in progress) and also from a personal family experience when my sister suffered from recurring breast cancer, I have decided to celebrate woman's body and the beauty we all have to offer in its purest form. 

We can't change the way we were born yet often we are judged by our looks. In my work I want to show that all women are beautiful despite the age, illness, skin colour or the size of dress we are wearing. 

As this is a courageous project to some I have chosen to name the artworks by unusual female names such as Constantina and Celeste or often taking after powerful women such as Hildergard* (von Bingen) or Ada* (Lovelace). The identities of my muses will remain undisclosed. 

To enquire about taking part please email Chosen participants will receive a limited edition print of the artwork as well as invitation to any future events associated with this collection.

I hope to start the work late October.


*Source: Hannah Jewell at