Barbican poster

'You Stood There I Was Looking At You In Awe' is now proudly showing at Barbican station until 2nd July 2017.


Cass Art's #CASSPAD competition

My favourite art shop Cass Art opened a competition for the opportunity to be featured on the front cover of one of their award-winning pad ranges. Even though I didn't get through, it was fun to take part and to see what my artwork would look like on their pads.

Check out the shortlisted entries here #casspad

Are you the next Celeste?

Taking inspiration from my recent painting 'You Couldn't Decide If You Wanted To Drink To Love With Me' of the recent 'Portugal Love Series' (work in progress) and also from a personal family experience when my sister suffered from recurring breast cancer, I have decided to celebrate woman's body and the beauty we all have to offer in its purest form. 

We can't change the way we were born yet often we are judged by our looks. In my work I want to show that all women are beautiful despite the age, illness, skin colour or the size of dress we are wearing. 

As this is a courageous project to some I have chosen to name the artworks by unusual female names such as Constantina and Celeste or often taking after powerful women such as Hildergard* (von Bingen) or Ada* (Lovelace). The identities of my muses will remain undisclosed. 

To enquire about taking part please email Chosen participants will receive a limited edition print of the artwork as well as invitation to any future events associated with this collection.

I hope to start the work late October.


*Source: Hannah Jewell at

Tube poster No. 2

Coinciding with the exhibition at The Muse Gallery, No. 14 'The Heartbreak' was exhibited as a poster on the London Underground at Oxford Circus station, Central Line Eastbound platform.

Images by Artbelow

it's exhibition time!

It had been an incredible experience and the feedback on the 'Heart Graveyard Series' collection was overwhelming! Thank you all who made it to The Muse Gallery in Notting Hill between 4th - 14th June 2015. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

First real exhibition

I was over the moon to be taking part in The Art Below Summer Show 2015 at The Muse Gallery in Notting Hill between 4th – 14th June 2015 with private view on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015. I exhibited with my 'Heart Graveyard Series' and one of the drawings (total of 14) was also exhibited as a poster on the London Underground, at the Oxford Circus tube station on the Central Line Eastbound platform. Did I say excited?!?

Jacques at Liberty

I made tea trays featuring my painting 'Jacques' which were sold at the prestigious Liberty in London as part of their Diamond Jubilee range. I liked the idea of having products made featuring my paintings so much that I also printed a sample cushion.

First almost-an-exhibition

An opportunity came along and I showed the world my 'Flower Shop' for the first time, in the trendy Cafe 1001 in Shoreditch. I remember someone offering me €200 for the painting. It is still proudly hanging on my wall.