Michaela relocated to UK in 2006 to pursue opportunities that living in foreign country usually brings. Creative life got in a way and it wasn't long before she found herself with a paint brush in her hand.  In 2011 her painting 'Flower Shop' was made into a poster and exhibited on London Underground. A year later, tea trays featuring her painting 'Jacques' were sold at Liberty London for Diamond Jubilee.

 'Jose' was her first professional drawing. 

In 2015, Michaela participated in Art Below's 'Summer Show' and exhibited at The Muse Gallery in Notting Hill in London, UK with her 'Heart Graveyard Series'. Coinciding with the exhibition, she also exhibited one of the drawings from the 'Series', No. 14 'Heartbreak' as a poster on London Underground.

Michaela lives in London, UK.  

Please visit www.goga-goga.com for more details about Michaela's exciting projects.